Magician Max - FFF/FDM 3D Printer - 320x320x400mm

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  • Large print size
    320*320*400mm, create more possibilities
  • Automatic leveling
    Don't need manual leveling, intelligent leveling system can automatically adjust the uneven focus. High sensitivity sensor,
  • Precise leveling in 16 points.
  • Ultra-quiet printing
    The mechanical structure is ultra-quiet, and the 2209 chip is ultra-quiet. Ultra-quiet TMCuse TMC stepper motor drivers, super quiet and noise reduction, more stable operation, quiet printing <50dB
    Ready to print
    One-step assembly , ready to print
  • Plateau
    Glass heater The 4th generation of glass heated bed cold glue installation, easy to take the model and scratch resistant.
  • Dual cooling fans
    The print head adopts dual-fan two-way heat dissipation system, which cools the models quickly. The printing speed is faster and can reach 100mm/s.
  • Direct double gear extrusion
    Uniform material transport without winding
  • End of filament detector
  • Stepper Drive - Ultra Quiet TMC
    Use TMC stepper motor drivers, super quiet and noise reduction, more stable operation, quiet printing ≤ 50dB
  • new chip
    High performance, 32-bit frequency: 168M; Cortex M4 processor with FPU and DSP instruction, memory protection unit
  • Support for multiple connections
    SD card, USB and USB-C supporting inline printing
  • Double Z axis with synchronous belt
    Improve accuracy and keep "layer shift" away.
  • X/Y axis belt tensioner
    Adjust the belt tension to avoid long-term use of the printer, the belt is loose.
  • Large 3.5" touchscreen
    The screen adopts a new user interface, manipulates photos and switches to multiple languages. New interface; big screen ; simple operation.
  • Integrated toolbox

Version Magician Pro
Type de technologie FDM / Filament
Volume d'impression 400 x 400 x 400 mm
Résolution d'impression ± 0,1 mm
Taille de la buse 0.4mm
Format du filament 1.75 mm
Vitesse d’impression Jusqu’à 200 mm/s
Mode de connexion SD Carte, U Disk, USB-C
Plateau chauffant Oui, jusqu'à 110 °C
Température maximum de la buse 260 °C
Mise à niveau du plateau Automatique
Ecran Tactile
Alimentation in 110 / 220v, 60/50 Hz
Alimentation out 24 V (500 W)
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Type d'imprimante

KIT à assembler ( Après tout assemblage il ne sera plus possible de retourner le produit )

Température ambiante d'utilisation 5 à 40 °C (Toute utilisation en dehors de ces température ne sera pas couvert par la garantie)