Ender 5 Pro - FFF/FDM Printer - 220x220x300mm

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Vendor : Creality


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Silent motherboard

The Ender 5 Pro 3D printer comes with an updated V4.2.2 silent motherboard with TMC2208 drivers, enabling quieter and more accurate printing performance.

Capricorn Premium XS Bowden Tube

Imported capricorn blue tube with high temperature resistance makes the feeding smoother and ensures excellent printing texture.

metal extruder kit

Ender 5 Pro adopts the Creality metal extruder which exerts stronger pressure to push the filament into the printer nozzle, improving the performance of the printer.

brand food

Built-in branded power supply, heats the heatbed to 230.0°F in 5 minutes.

Semi-assembled kits

Creality ender 5 Pro comes with several partially assembled kits, which are very easy to assemble and introduce you to the basic construction of the 3D printer.

Double Y axis , silent mainboard included to avoid noise, as well as a filament sensor and a removable platform. These features help unlock 100% uninterrupted printing with filament feed.

Version CR-6 SE
Type de technologie FDM / Filament
Volume d'impression 220 x 220 x 300 mm
Encombrement de la machine 552 x 485 x 510 mm
Résolution d'impression 0.1 mm
Taille de la buse 0.4mm
Format du filament 1.75 mm
Épaisseur des couches 0.1mm jusqu’à 0.4mm avec une buse de 0.4mm
Température maximum de la buse 260 °C
Transfert de fichiers TF Card / cable USB
Connexion ordinateur USB
Alimentation in 115 / 230v, 60/50 Hz
Alimentation out 24v (270 W)
Type d'imprimante

KIT à assembler ( Après tout assemblage il ne sera plus possible de retourner le produit )