Copper Airbrush - Complete Kit + Compressor

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Complete kit with all accessories, nozzles, compressor...

FIXED tank

This compressor has the functions of automatic stop and start, and can work continuously!

Whether you are at home, DIY or industrial use, it is a good choice.

The air compressor adopts a special oil-free design, which makes the transmission medium unsullied.
Quite easy to transport and therefore ideal for storage.
Pressure with stable output.

Save time and effort, and don't waste raw materials.

Marque NeoEco
Matière Cuivre
Couleur Argent (blanc)
Tension d'entrée 100 - 230V
Debit 10l / mn (lpm)
Pression 25psi max
Diamètre du tuyau 1/8"
Longueur du tuyau 1.8m
Norme CE
Diamètre de la buse 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 mm
Type Pneumatique